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To request a Shazam Secure Code, please use the following link:

If you lose your debit card or your debit card is stolen be sure to contact your financial institution immediately!!  If your financial institution is closed contact Shazam at 1-800-383-8000. 

For those customers that have a TransFund Card (Burlingame Customers-Purple & White Card) the toll free number for lost or stolen cards is: 1-800-791-2525. 


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We take protecting your information seriously. It is actually one of our top priorties. We also know that we can't do it all on our end. Your personal vigilance is a critical line of defence in identity theft prevention...both on and offline.  Here are a few simple steps to protect your bank account.

  • Enroll in online statements. This will stop paper statements from being sent out in the mail. This will also prevent the possibility of a paper statement being stolen right out of a mailbox, off a desk, or out of a trashcan.
  • Sign off. Always sign off and close your browser when you finish your online banking session.
  • Make sure ALL of your contact information is updated.  Keep your e -mail address and phone numbers current with all of your financial institutions in case there is a need to contact you due to suspicious activity.
  • Memorize the Personal Identification Numbers ("PIN's).  Memorize all PIN's for debit and credit cards. If you must write them down, never keep that information in your wallet, purse or directly on the card.
  • Make sure you choose only security questions only you know. 
  • Memorize your Passwords. This is important not only for online banking but for any other account you access online. Again, if you must write them down, keep them in a secure place.
  • Beware before you Share.  Exercise caution in sharing any account information via phone, text or on the web. No financial institution will call you and ask you for your account number. That information is already on file.
  • Seek secure URL's.  Only enter account numbers on secure websites you know you can trust. Look for the "s" in the URL's https. The "s" signifies secure communications.


Community Calander

September 15th - Osage City Senior Center Taco Supper 5pm - 7pm

September 24th - 3rd Annual Burlingame Fall Festival 9am - 2 pm 

September 24th - Osage City Chamber 2016 Festival of Beer  3-6pm @ the Community Building

September 24th - Hartford Harvest Day!!! Come join many of fun activities!









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