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On September 10, 2015 Shazam SecureCode will be changing their web address!!! If you have an existing SecureCode for your Shazam Debit Card you will need to log in and register again for a new SecureCode.  Please use the following link:

If you ever lose your debit card or your debit card is stolen be sure to contact someone at your financial institution immediately!! If your financial institution is closed contact Shazam. That toll free number is: 1-800-383-8000. 

For those customers that have a TransFund Card (Burlingame Customers-Purple & White Card) the toll free number for lost or stolen cards is: 1-800-791-2525. 


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Fraud targeting taxpayers continues to run rampant nationwide. Watch out for these two tax crimes making headlines: tax identity theft and the IRS imposter scam.

Tax Theft
What is it?
Your personal information is stolen for a fraudulent refund. More specifically, tax identity theft can involve:
  • filing a tax return using another person's Social Security number
  • claiming someone else's children as dependents, or
  • claiming a tax refund using a deceased taxpayer's information

Your personal information can be stolen in a number of ways, including theft of mail or tax returns, corrupt tax preparation services, or phony e-mails from imposters. Con artists can quickly learn a lot about you in order to take your money while also defrauding the government.

What to do?
To avoid tax identity theft:
  • Do mail tax returns as early in the season as possible before the cons beat you to it.
  • Don't give out personal information unless you know who's asking for it and why they need it.
  • Do shred personal and financial documents
  • Do know your tax preparer
  • Do check the status of your refun after filing at
What is it?
An intimidating and sophisticated phone scam, callers claim to be IRS employees, and say you owe taxes. They might also: 
  • threaten to arrest or deport you if you don't pay
  • know all or part of you Social Security number
  • rig caller ID to make it look like the call is from the IRS, or
  • tell you to put the money on a prepaid debit card and them them the card number

?What to do?

Know that the IRS does NOT
  • call to demand immediate payment about taxes owed without first sending you a notification by mail, 
  • ask for credit or debit card numbers over the phone
  • threaten to bring in local police or other law enforcement to arrest you for nonpayment
?If you have any doubts, call the IRS directly @ 800-829-1040
Or, if you've spotted a scam or think you may have been scammed, call the IRS helpline at 877-908-3360 for advice.


Community Calendar

July 30th - Whiffle Ball Tournament @ Lake Wabaunsee

July 30th & 31st - Osage City Golf Course is offering FREE GREEN FEE'S with paid cart rental. Tee times are                                   required. Call the Club House to schedule a tee time. 785-528-3329

August 3rd - August 13th - Lyon County Free Fair- Located @ Lyon County Fairgrounds in Emporia

August 12th - USD 420 First day of School - Early Dismissal @ 11:30am

August 20th - 5th Annual Bearcat Scramble - Proceeds go to support Burlingame Jr./Sr. High School Activities                         $160 per team - Includes Light breakfast, green fees & lunch. Call 785-528-3329 for more info.       

August 22nd - Relay for Life - Located at the Osage City Track 6pm -10pm

August 18th - USD 330 First day of School

August 19th & 20th - 30th Annual Flint Hills Beef Fest - Located at the Lyon County Fair Grounds

August 21st - Knights of Columbus Charity Golf Tournament at Osage City Golf Course @ 8:30am









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